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dBase, LLC Newsgroup Guidelines

These newsgroups are sponsored and maintained by dBase, LLC for the purpose of providing peer-level technical support for dBase, LLC's products and users, and for promoting our current and future products through the interactive exchange of information between dBase, LLC and its customers.

We encourage you to participate - to ask questions, discuss issues related to dBase, LLC technology and to share your knowledge with others.

There are only a few hard-and-fast rules that dBase, LLC will enforce on these newsgroups, and they can be summed up in two simple ideas: stay on topic and be courteous. It is our intent to ensure that these newsgroups are among the most civil, productive and informative on the Internet. We need your cooperation in meeting those goals.


1) Civility Posts will be removed immediately that contain attacks on other people, including, but not limited to, other posters or members of the dBASE team or dBVIPs.

2) Flames The dBase, LLC newsgroups are dedicated to information and assistance. They are not intended to be a platform for venting or flaming. There are many places on the Internet in which you are free to express your anger. This is not one of them. Posts that contain flames will be removed without notice.

3) Topicality The dBase, LLC newsgroups should be used only for topics that relate to dBase, LLC products. Once again, there are many places on the Internet in which you are free to discuss politics, other software companies, the economy or the latest conspiracy theory. This is not one of them. Posts with content that is not related to dBase, LLC products will be removed without notice.

4) Thread Drift As a courtesy to others who will be seeking answers to specific questions among tens of thousands of posts, please do not drift off topic. If your post is not directly related to the current topic, please do not post it as a reply. Start a new topic.

5) Newsgroup Integrity Please use the proper newsgroup for the topic you are posting. dBase, LLC has supplied a wide variety of newsgroups. Please find the one most suited to your topic. Do not post bug reports in a database newsgroup or installation questions in the "reports" newsgroup.

6) Materiality Please do not post spurious topics, such as greetings. Long threads of "thank you", "you're welcome", "see ya" may seem friendly, but actually choke the bandwidth of the newsgroups. Please keep in mind that many users are on dialup and incur significant time and/or expense in downloading these messages.

7) Crop Please crop the original message when you reply. You don't have to remove it, but please condense it down to its meaningful highlights. Normally, newsgroup software quotes the original message in its entirety each time you reply. If you are ten levels down, you may have ten messages embedded within yours that are not material to your response. Once again, please keep in mind the dialup users who will be downloading the same messages over and over again as "quotes".

8) Attachments Please do not post attachments to your messages. They will eat up other participants' bandwidth! If you need to post programs, data or screen shots, please post them in the "Binaries" newsgroup. Then include the subject name of that post in the text of the message related to that upload so readers can find the "attachments" if they wish to.

9) Language No profanity or abusive or discriminatory language shall be permitted in any post on the dBase, LLC newsgroups under any circumstances.

dBVIPs are a group of some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated dBASE experts in the world. They are VOLUNTEERS who commit many hours to ensuring that our products are supported and understood. They are not dBase, LLC Corp employees. They are your peers. Please treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve.

dBase, LLC reserves the right to remove any post that breaks the rules expressed in these guidelines without notice. No one will be "banned" from these newsgroups, but any posts that dBase, LLC determines to be offensive or contrary to the interests of dBase, LLC, its products or its customers will be removed at dBase, LLC's discretion.

Once again, welcome to the dBASE Web Newsgroups.

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